Thursday, June 13, 2013

Delaware Trans Rights Bill Out Of House Committee

More good news out of Delaware as the First State shows New York how it should be done when it comes to passing a trans rights bill. 

Senate Bill 97 has bipartisan support and passed in the Delaware Senate June 6 on an 11-7 vote

It passed out of the House Administration Committee with a favorable bipartisan 4-1 vote Tuesday as the two Republicans on the committee went in opposite trans human rights directions.

The usual 'bathroom bill' spin meistering from Nicole Theis and her haters from the Delaware Family Policy Transphobic Hate Council ain't working because the bill has support from Gov. Jack Markell (D), Atty General Beau Biden (D), and several people testifying favorably for its passage. 

One of those people is Delaware native Sarah McBride who is lobbying with Equality Delaware along with her parents.  Sarah was the trans White House intern I met during OUT on the Hill last year and now she's handling her trans human rights business.   

The bill now goes to the full Delaware House for a vote on June 17 that will be watched by all of us in Trans America.  If it passes on Tuesday the bill heads to Gov. Markell for his signature. .

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