Monday, June 10, 2013

Upon Further Review, The 2013 Honor 41 List...

Has FIVE trams people on it..    There are four trans Latinas and trans man Isaac Gomez on the 2013 edition of the Honor 41 List. 

To explain the significance of the Honor 41 list and how it became a reality, here's the creator of the list Alberto Mendoza to discuss it. 

The Honor 41 List highlights and shines a much needed media spotlight on the contributions of LGBT Latino/a people.

I knew about three of the women who were honored when I composed my initial post about it and have had the pleasure of meeting two of them personally over the last several months in Arianna and Bamby. 

The videos for numbers 31-41 weren't up yet at the time i compiled the initial post, and I wanted to share that good news with the rest of our community and congratulate the women I knew who had been given the honor of being on the inaugural list..

Speaking of honors, the other trans Latina besides the lovely trio of Bamby Salcedo, Maria Roman and Arianna Inurritegui Lint who is on the initial list is Danielle Castro

41-listMaria, Danielle and Isaac I am so looking forward to meeting you one day.  I wish you continued success in being outstanding role models for not only the trans Latina/o community and the TBLG Latina/o one, but your local, state and the national LGBT community as a whole.

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