Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 TBLG White House Reception Today

And it could get ugly as the volume has risen from Gay, Inc and predominately white gay peeps about the ENDA executive order they are demanding President Obama sign that won't cover the entire community.

We'll see if the LG folks behave themselves today.  

And all I have to say if ENDA was so important to pass, why when we had to choose one bill to get done during the 2010 lame duck session it was DADT?

I will at least have one of my trans community friends there to witness whatever goes down today in Antonia D'orsay of Dyssonance blog fame.   

When she's not writing thought provoking blog posts, she's the executive director of This Is H.O.W in Phoenix and who came up with the idea for the Trans 100 List that she and Jen Richards made happen. .

Congrats Toni on getting the invitation to the White House and having a ringside seat to what should be a very interesting day inside I-495.

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