Saturday, June 15, 2013

More TransGriot Ten Questions Interview Links

I have an upcoming TransGriot Ten Questions interview on the blog for the first time in nearly a year.  That's too long an interval between Ten Question interview posts since my last one with Tracie Jada O'Brien.

In my defense, me keeping an eye on the 2012 presidential campaign and election cycle and last year's busy travel and speaking schedule was a major factor in producing that interview drought.

Still, that's too long an interval between interviews and I want them to happen more frequently.   Many of you readers noticed and have been asking me when I was going to start doing the TransGriot Ten Questions interviews again since it is a feature of this blog you tell me that you enjoy.   

Well, never let it be said I don't give my TransGriot readers what they want.  The next one goes up at 12 midnight CDT on the 17th.   You'll have to surf back to the blog to find out who is the subject of it.

As to why I started the TransGriot Ten Questions interviews in the first place, it was a way to continue fulfilling my blog's mission of compiling and documenting Black trans history and talk to (and talk up) our community's up and coming leaders, opinion shapers, artists, thinkers, historical icons and interesting personalities who are molding and shaping not only our chocolate trans world but the trans community at large.   

I ask them ten questions they can answer as short or as long as they wish on various subjects of interest to our trans community.  I'm also striving to have a mix of African descended trans people from across the Diaspora, of all ages as well and in different sectors of our community including the pageant and ballroom communities.

So yeah people, I'm thinking globally and locally with this feature.  

For those of you I've asked to be the next TransGriot Ten Questions subjects, once I coordinate our schedules to do so, I compile your questions and send them to your e-mail inbox, please get them back to me as expeditiously as possible so I can post them for my readers.  

Here's the link to a 2011 compilation post making it easier for you (and me) to find the initial group of interviews and the ones I've done in the wake of that October 3, 2011 compilation post.   

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Isis King

TransGriot Ten Question Interview- Tracie Jada O'Brien

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview- Cheryl Courtney-Evans

TransGriot Ten Questions Interview-Diamond Stylz

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