Sunday, June 30, 2013

Being A #GirlLikeUs Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

One of the things I learned early from my trans mentors and I (and we as a community) have to constantly focus on is dealing with the shame and guilt issues that plague us.  

Since we have much Hateraid aimed at us, it can be a challenge at times to practice that self love that needs to happen from time to time and feel pride not only in yourself, but being a girl like us.

It can be a challenge when those 'unpretty' days descend upon you, but you can't let it get you down.  You have to fight through those moments with every fiber of your being and believe you are the finest thing walking Planet Earth.

Well, there is not only nothing wrong with being a girl like us, there is nothing for us to be ashamed about either.   You are part of the beautiful mosaic of human life and God loves you too.

You come from a distinguished lineage of doctors, lawyers, politicians, models, MMA fighters, human rights warriors, sportswriters, television personalities, writers, beauty queens and wives and mothers raising kids.   Your predecessors started a movement in 1969. 

So stand tall and be proud of who you are because being a girl like us is nothing to be ashamed of..

TransGriot Note: photo is of Kylan Wenzel, the first American trans person to compete in a Miss Universe system pageant.

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