Saturday, June 11, 2011

WWBT Haters Gonna Hate

Would you like some Haterade to wash down those hater tots you've been serving up in your WWBT hateosphere concerning moi lately? 

One 55 gallon drum of Vanilla Ice flavored haterade coming right up to help you wash down those platters of Hater Tots you're gorging yourselves on.  In the meantime, peep this comment that sums up my attitude about you Sarah Palin wannabees:

Oops, I apologize to Sarah Palin in advance for comparing her to WWBT's.  She's much better looking. 

"so what she/he keeps talking about you and hating on you. What do you think a "hater's" job hate. if u have someone hating on u right now u better think of how to get 5 more ppl hating by Christmas. You need haters to make you stronger..w/o haters most ppl wouldn't try to become better. Just tell them "b*tch u just hate me b/c u can't be me..." Katt Williams
Like I said three years ago, I'm glad I'm not like you or part of your self hating, racist marginalized vanilla flavored clique, nor do I want to be. 
Bon appetit, ubermenschen.

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