Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burnaby School Board Unanimously Passes Gender ID-Sexual Orientation Inclusive Policy

It's not just school districts in the States that recognize the harmful effects bullying of TBLG students causes for them and the barriers they create to learning for our community.  Was pleased to read that Canadian school districts are taking a stand against it as well.   

During its June 14 meeting the Burnaby Schools Board of Education in the Vancouver, British Columbia metro area unanimously approved Policy 5.45.   It was two years in development and is designed to help address transphobic and homophobic harassment and bullying in Burnaby Schools.

Policy 5.45 seeks “to ensure that all members of the school community work together in an atmosphere of respect and safety regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.” and also has the goal of supporting the Burnaby School District’s commitment to provide a safe and caring educational environment..

“Our schools reflect the increasing diversity in our rapidly changing communities," Burnaby School Board Chair Larry Hayes said. “We may differ in our language, culture, national origin, religion or sexual orientation but we all want to feel safe and welcome. We believe this policy will help to foster respect, acceptance and understanding in our schools – and our community.”

Glad they see it that way, and hope the policy makes a difference for kids in that district.

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