Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's STILL A White Transwoman Thang

"It's time for all of us, pre, post and non-op transpeople to take a deep breath, go to our neutral corners, chill out, realize that the Reichers hate all of us and work to codify civil rights protections for 'errbody' in the community." 'It's A White Transwoman Thang    January 26, 2008

That quote is from one of the first posts I wrote as a Bilerico Project contributor, and I chose to point out the TS vs TG battle was monoethnic in character. 

I wrote it in a neutral tone and there was so much drama and attempted silencing in the comment threads I felt like I was cruising on a certain African river

I said it in 2008, have repeatedly said it without stuttering, and will say it again now until y'all get it. 

The 'TS vs TG' war is an ongoing intramural semantics battle between groups of white trans women.  I don't have or see the same 'TS vs TG' bull feces going on in chocolate transworld because we have more important things and concerns to deal with like trying to stay alive, fight for civil rights coverage or stay employed.   

I have repeatedly seen this crap come up far too often during my time interacting in the trans community between predominately late transitioning privilege laden white transwomen advocating separation based on SRS acquired genitalia.   It's why I add the extra 'W' to WBT because it's frankly, truth in advertising.

They've been on the rant about the transgender umbrella label we've used politically since the 90's.

Here's another reality check.  According to the recent NGLTF trans survey, when they asked a how do you identify question on that survey,  65% of the respondents to that just released survey ID as 'transgender.'

As to how many rejected the 'transgender' label?   Only 10% of the over 6000 people who took that survey.   

One of the major problems I have with you WWBT's is your loud claims that SRS is the dividing line between TS and TG status and your attempts to force your dogma on 'errbody' else under the discredited 'you're being oppressed' argument.    Never mind the fact that you are hypocritically engaging in the same oppressing and excluding people that you loudly claim others are aiming at you.

I also have a problem with the fact that the transpeople you WWBT's are denigrating and are hell bent on excluding happen to share my ethnicity.  I also find it interesting that of your three so-called declared 'enemies' of the WWBT/HBS/CT movement, two of the three are POC's. 

Oh yeah, can't forget being called by them a 'racist crossdresser' and put on their 'enemies list' for speaking my mind and tellin' it like it T-I-S is.  

Whatever, ubermenschen.   Hey, I'm just stating the facts like I always do about you WWBT's and you try to conservaspin it as 'racist'.   Those of us who took and retained our Sociology 101 lessons know better.

Yours is a minority, laughable, and increasingly false view that only carries validity in your vanilla privileged post operative 'classic transsexual' world that you're 'being oppressed'.   You WWBT's can never come up with concrete examples when asked or documented proof when challenged to do so on exactly how you vanilla transsexual separatists are 'being oppressed'

As an African American, if you ask me that 'how am I being oppressed' question, I can quickly come up with specific ways of how and why that is happening to my people that are easily verifiable by multiple sources and rooted in historical fact.   What you WWBT peeps come up with is the same discredited talking points, obfuscations, straight up lies, and blown up logic deficient straw man arguments. 

And as one of your declared 'enemies' I'm proud to be one of the Trinity Award winning people continuing to call you WWBT's out and point out the logical failings and fallacies in your feces laden arguments.

You are in denial about your transsexual separatist movement being a cesspool of whiteness and white privilege. You refuse to acknowledge your use of radical feminist rhetoric to demonize the rest of us to the point where even Dirt and her like minded friends quote y'all on the regular in their hate screeds.

Just curious to know if you're going to be hanging out on 'The Land' with your rad fem 'allies' in Hart, MI this summer since you're women now. Bet they'll have a dissenting opinion about you Dubya Dubya Bee Tee's at Michfest.

So to sum this up, let me make this point crystal clear for you WWBT's, peeps wallowing in vanilla flavored privilege, and others with reading comprehension issues. 

The assertion that SRS=legitimacy and trans status while 'errbody' else who hasn't had surgery is not trans is classist, racist, vanilla-privileged Eurocentric thinking.

I've advocated unified community pursuit of trans rights since 1998 and have diligently worked to get more African American involvement in the process.   The WWBT racism and mean spirited exclusionary rhetoric makes it harder not only for us to work together to achieve trans rights, it makes it harder for me get other trans people of color involved because of the mess and confusion y'all keep going.  

'Errbody' else on the planet has trans communities that work together to get their civil rights coverage and focus on neutralizing their external enemies.   You WWBT clowns make it harder for us to do that.    

Your intramural white transwoman thang is starting to have deleterious effects on the rest of the trans rights movement in the States, and that's distasteful to me.

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