Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shut Up Fool Awards-Saturday Sick Day Edition

Sometimes the Shut Up Fool! award winner is so clear cut obvious I know early in the week who is going to get it and will compose the post ahead of the Friday selection date. 

Other times it's not so obvious or there is so much competition for it I'm wrestling with multiple contenders until my Friday midnight deadline day, and even them I'll have to give myself some extra time until noon to determine the winner.

Well, because Moni wasn't feeling well, she didn't get around to making that final judgment about who was worthy of a Shut Up Fool Award, and you now get to see the normal Friday post delayed until Saturday.

This week I have to give it to Chris Wallace of Fox Noise.   He clinched it by stating in his interview he conducted with Jon Stewart earlier this week that FOX is no more one-sided in a conservative direction than CNN, ABC, NBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post are in a liberal direction.

You're kidding right?   In what delusional world do you live in Chris?    Name one journalism award that FOX Noise has ever won in its sad, sorry propagandizing history? 

You are part of a network that has been caught reading GOP press releases on air verbatim and posting them on their website with typos in the same spot as the press release.  If there is a crackpot theory debunked by legitimate news sources that needs to be pimped, GOP or conservafool talking points that need to be repeated or race bailing to be done, you on the network that champions it.

Fair and balanced my anus.

Chris Wallace, you're a disgrace to the journalism profession.   Shut up Fool!

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