Saturday, June 18, 2011

The GOP IS The Problem With TBLG Rights Advancement

I started chuckling to myself when I read this post of Cristan's on her blog in which she laid out the case that the Republican Party was the problem when it comes to making TBLG civil rights advances.

Y'all just now figuring that out?   You're late.

Hell, I've been saying that on this blog in numerous posts since 2006, on my FB page, Twitter and in other places on the Net for years about why Republicans will NEVER get my vote in any election cycle for the rest of my time on Planet Earth.

I am already well aware of the fact as an African descended trans person they are anti civil rights and have been since 1964.  I am not, can not and will not cast a vote in any election for a party that has made it their mission to oppress me and my people.

But yet we have misguided TBLG people who drink that GOP red Kool-Aid from 55 gallon drums and think they can convince Republicans to consistently vote yes for TBLG rights issues.   Maybe in the New England states they'll occasionally vote for TBLG rights issues like they did in Maine.

But anywhere else in the country, especially the Deep South, that's as likely to happen as Rick Perry having a bad hair day

And even in New England the problem has been Republican bloc voting in opposition to TBLG rights bills.  Who has been the primary impediment to GENDA passing in New York state?   If you said Ruben Diaz, you ignore the fact that the Republican bloc voting is the reason he any influence over the process in the first place.

It is the height of stupidity and illogical to throw away votes on a party that has made it crystal clear in their words, deeds and party platform for decades their mission is to retard and roll back TBLG civil rights progress.

And that's not just a Texas GOP thang.

We African Americans know who our oppressors are, and they worship the Elephant.  It's why African Americans have voted since the 80's at 90% clips.for Democrats and are involved in the party at all levels.

How many times do TBLG people need to be kicked, disrespected or slapped by anti-TBLG Republicans before you wake up and stop voting for them because you fell for that okey doke 'they will be a counterbalance to skittish Democrats' bull feces?    

Wake the frack up and see the Republican judges repeatedly ignoring common sense and ruling negatively on TBLG issues.  Pay attention to the legions of Republican legislators proposing bills that roll back or restrict our civil rights and spouting faith based hate speech as their reasons for doing so.    

Even Stevie Wonder can see that Republican state and federal legislators repeatedly bloc vote against TBLG positive legislation no matter what their location or pass legislation to roll it back like they just did in Tennessee.

Wanna do something about a conservative Dem or ones skittish about TBLG rights issues?  Scare their anuses by doing what our oppressors do.  Run against them in the primaries.  If you're lucky you replace them with a more progressive candidate, and even if you don't, you've sent the message that if you don't toe the line on progressive issues, you'll get an opponent in the next election cycle.

If Republicans supported TBLG rights like their apologists alleged they do, Sen. Williams would have never proposed the odious SB 723 bill in the first place, and I and others wouldn't have had to use bandwith rallying trans Texans to organize and fight tooth and nail to get our Democratic senators to hold together as a group to kill that anti trans bill

It should be fairly obvious by now with three decades worth of mounting evidence that you will not get progressive civil rights policies out of conservative GOP politicians.   It's time for TBLG people to buy a vowel, get a clue and stop voting for a party that has made it their mission in life to oppress them.

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