Monday, June 27, 2011

TransGriot Is Joining Transadvocate As A Contributor

With the What Are Y'all Gonna Do New York Trans Community? post, I wanted to announce that I am officially joining the roster of people who post at the Transadvocate blog such as Katrina Rose, Transadvocate editrix Marti Abernathey, and Gemma Seymour

Marti and I have been talking about it off and on for a few months and I believe it'll be a win-win situation for both of us.  It was simply time to make the move, have another venue and group of readers to expose my writing talents to and my style fits in with TA's tell it like T-I-S is approach.

You'll see selected TransGriot posts show up there more frequently. 

I'm pleased and honored to be posting at a transcentric group blog like TA on a regular basis as well with a great group of thoughtful writers who are just as passionate about the advancement of trans civil rights coverage and talking about trans issues as I am.   


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