Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Maine's LD 1046 Goes Down To Defeat!

Score one for Nicole and the Maine trans community.  Rep. Ken Fredette's (R-Newport) anti-trans LD 1046 went down in flames today.

The unjust bill designed to mess with trans Mainers was soundly defeated in the Maine House on a 81-51 vote which saw 15 Republicans join the Democratic minority in defeating the bill in a late Tuesday night vote.  

Rep. Charlie Priest (D-Brunswick) said the individuals "don't want to stand out," they only want to be accepted by the gender they identify with.   "It is a bad idea to unravel the Maine Human Rights Act in response to an unjustified fear," Priest said.

House Democratic Leader Emily Cain (D-Orono) where Nicole used to live, applauded the vote.   

"Passing this bill in any form , whether in the original form, the committee- amended form or any other form would be a step backwards for Maine and would put an obstacle in front of many people who are simply trying to get to work , go to school and participate like everyone else in our communities/"

Fredette tried to take it to the GOP controlled Maine Senate, where it went down on a 23-11 vote    Sen. Phil Bartlett (D-Gorham) called Fredette's bill mean spirited, potentially discriminatory and unworkable.

Thank you Maine legislature.   Too bad Kenneth Fredette doesn't get that.

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