Sunday, June 05, 2011

It Hit 40 In H-Town Today

40 degrees Celsius that is. That translates out for you non metric system peeps to 105 degrees F.

It hit 105 degrees F at Intercontinental Airport where our official NWS temperature reading comes from, and was 102 degrees F at Hobby Airport which is on my side of town.  

That 105 F easily eclipsed Houston's old record of 98 degrees F on this date back in 1977 with the hottest temp ever recorded for Houston being 109 F (43 C) occurring on September 4, 2000.  The 102 F at Hobby also easily beat the old record 97 degree F record temp on that same June 5, 1977 date as well.

And oh do I remember that 43 C day well.   Was working that September 2000 day at IAH and Madame CSR had to go on that scorching north side tarmac to hunt down and retag two bags for a passenger who switched to my flight.

Needless to say I was cursing the whole time I was searching for that bag since the ramp guys were nowhere to be found.

When I was done I had to go to the bathroom and redo my face. 

So yeah, it was quite warm here today and it's just June.  The summer temps usually peak in Houston around August, and if it's this bad now, hate to even think what they could hit later this summer.

And yes, the high tomorrow is predicted to hit 100 degrees F tomorrow.

Well, at least there's plenty of Blue Bell for me to eat


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