Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nobody Reads My Blog, Eh?

For somebody my detractors insultingly claim 'nobody reads my blog' when they tangle with me, I do find it interesting that I get quoted, Monispeak and Moni quotes end up being repeated by politicians and other bloggers, my posts are linked to, I have love and respect from international transpeople, and it seems that when I put people on blast, stuff starts happening in reaction to it.

Found it interesting that not long after I slammed Gender Rights Maryland for not having a single transperson of color on their board in a state that is 30% African American,  I hear through the trans grapevine that they've now gone out and grabbed Cydne' Kimbrough to sit on GRMD's board

Verrry innnnnteresting.

But nobody reads my blog?    Obviously somebody on GRMD does out of the 4000 hits per day I get. 

I'm just sayin'.

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