Sunday, June 26, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 16-Hatin' On Kim Petras

The USS Monica has been in port for a little while since I'm giving the crew liberty call.

But it's time to leave port and cruise the cyberseas once again because ignorance has befouled my comment section once again..

Or to be more accurate, gotten caught in my spam filter.

Our latest troll about to be irradiated is someone calling themselves Linda, who tried and failed to stick this comment on a 2008 Kim Petras update post I complied


Umm hmm.   Here we go.  Spool up the troll nuke tipped Tomahawks because it's time to drop 50 megatons of knowledge on this poor deluded fool that has no life.


Y'all can tell 'LINDA' how you feel after I take a whack at him.   And yeah, the misgendering was in retaliation for what was done unto Kim.  
You know, I love these scheisskopfs who come surfing over to this blog and search out the old posts to dump their ignorance on, and think I won't find their ish.. 
'Linda' is probably hatin' on Kim because Ms. Petras looks better than him. 
Um 'Linda', question for you.  Since you're so concerned about Kim's fabulous life and how it impacts the troop levels in the Bundeswehr, why aren't you taking your own advice and doing national service in Afghanistan for your country? 

You should know as a German citizen, (assuming you are German) that as a woman Kim is not eligible under German Basic Law to be conscripted into military service.  If Kim wishes to volunteer for military service in her country she has the option of doing so.
Besides, Germany is set to begin withdrawing their troops from northern Afghanistan later this year, so your point in posting this transphobic ish would be?  
What should also not be allowed is fools like you hatin' on transpeople.
You are welcome to your loud and wrong opinion, but fortunately for Ms. Petras she was not only born in Germany, it has an over 125 year old universal healthcare plan that allows it to take care of trans kids such as Kim so that they lead happy, healthy and productive lives.
You can see how well that worked out in Kim's case. She has a happy, healthy life with parents who love her, a career as a model and singer, and she's paying her taxes

Duck and cover fool, and don't look at the troll nuke flash when it goes off.

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