Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Transteen Standing Up For Her Rights In Maine

Ken Fredette was a dissenting vote on the Maine Human Rights Commission when it ruled a transteen was discriminated against at her middle school.

Now Representative Ken Fredette (R) has penned LD 1046, a bathroom bill that says unless otherwise specified, rest rooms, showers and locker rooms designated for one biological sex are restricted to that biological sex.   

Trans people under Fredette's bathroom bill who were denied access to those facilities would also have their ability to claim discrimination under the Maine Human Rights Act taken away since there have been two rulings in favor of transpeople over this issue that Fredette was on the losing end of.

And Nicole, the child the MHRC ruled in favor of last year is fighting this unjust bill along with her family.  In addition to her father's testimony against the bill, she has done her part to be an agent for her own liberation by lobbying Maine's lawmakers.

She has this to say about the unjust bill.

"I think that what I want lawmakers to know is that bill, first of all, makes absolutely no sense," Nicole said in an interview. "It's pointless, I think, because you're not going to know if a person's trans, unless they tell you.  So it needs to be stopped where it is before anything like this gets out of hand."

And a little child shall lead them.     Go get 'em Nicole!

Mainers, why don't you help this youngling out?  Call, fax or e-mail your legislators and tell them to vote NO on LD 1046.

Nicole, her family and the entire trans community of Maine would deeply appreciate that.

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