Monday, June 06, 2011

Deja Vu Temp Wise In H-town

We hit 105 degrees F (40 C) in Houston yesterday to set a new temp record for the date.  It was predicted the temperature would only hit 100 F (37 C) today.

So how hot did it get?   105 degrees F.   

That was also a record shattering temperature for this June 6 date and beat the old one of 98 degrees F set in 1980.

All time record in case you're keeping score at home is 109 degrees (43 C) set on September 4, 2000

At Hobby Airport it hit 101 degrees F (38 C) there, which broke the Hobby June 6 record temperature of 97 degrees (36 C).  

But it only lasted about an hour because we caught a break.  Afternoon thunderstorms quickly formed up and dropped some needed rain to cool things off to the 74 degree (23 C) mark by 4 PM before they cleared out of the area.

And bear in mind people, it's just early June.   We normally don't get triple digit heat until August.   The forecast is for more of the same blast furnace heat tomorrow.

And FYI TransGriot readers, the record temp for June 7 at IAH is 99 degrees.   Any bets on whether we exceed it?

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