Monday, June 13, 2011

The More Trailblazing Trans People, The Better

I posted a link to a story about up and coming trans model Valentijn de Hingh on my Facebook page just for informational grins and was surprised to see someone make a derogatory comment about it..

I pointed out that the more that we trans people are seen by society in various careers, the better it is for all of us.  My point was cosigned by one of my friends when she talked about how hard it is for any cis or trans woman to have a modeling career in the first place.

So yes, I like seeing historic trans firsts in various fields. I love it when I see trans people running for public office and either winning their races or fighting the good fight but falling short of victory. .  I love hearing about trans models, trans NCAA basketball players , trans athletes, trans business ownerstrans judges, trans flight attendants, et cetera because we need that in order for our international human rights agenda to progress..

It's also why I stay on the American trans community's behind about diversity, inclusion and empowerment..  It's why I'm also working to ensure that the broad media portrait of this community also includes trans people of color .

The more that cis society sees us doing mundane, everyday jobs the better it is for us as a community.  The more society sees us as human beings, it makes a mockery of the lies and spin our right wing opponents come up with to retard our human rights progress and allows us to pimp slap the ignorance of others unaware of or those who are being willfully ignorant of trans people.

It also helps us break down stereotypes and misperceptions about us inside and outside the rainbow community as well.

So yes, the more that transpeople take those trailblazing steps, the better it is for transkind here and around the globe.

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