Monday, June 20, 2011

Ashley Yang-Fired By The TSA For Being Trans

Trans people when we fly already have concerns about undergoing TSA screenings and the potential for getting harassed and disrespected when we do.  Now come word about a Transportation Security Administration screener who when she was discovered to be trans, was harassed and fired by the TSA weeks before her two year probationary period expired

The TSA asserted that in order for Ashley to work as a female, she had to undergo a sex reassignment surgery.  Yang pointed out she is not a 'man' and refused to go to work as a man, so she was terminated..

When the San Francisco based Transgender Law Center heard about Ashley's case, they filed a complaint against the TSA noting that Title 7 protected Ashley against discrimination as a transgender federal employee.

The TSA eventually reached a financial settlement with Yang that included her back pay and payment for pain and suffering. TSA was also required to undergo training about transgender employees.

“I see how important job protection is,” Ashley said. “I should be able to work checkpoints as who I am. I really want to change those policies; I really want to push forward in some way."
No kidding, Ashley.   It's one of the reasons I've been griping, bitching and taking trips to DC since 1998 to lobby for the successful passage of ENDA.

As long as the GOP is running thangs in the House, sadly it ain't happening. 

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