Monday, June 06, 2011

The TransGriot's Getting An Esteem Award!

Many times when you start a blog, in addition to the drama and hate mail you get from time to time when  someone vehemently disagrees with your point of view on a post you complied, many times you get some unexpected blessings that come your way that outweigh the negativity.

I was surprised and I'm pleased to find out that I will be a 2011 honoree for the Chicago based Esteem Awards in the Outstanding Service, Transgender - National category.

The Esteem Awards were founded by Philip Esteem Fleming in May 2007, and honor local and national organizations and individuals for their continued efforts in supporting the African-American and LGBT community in the areas of entertainment, media, civil rights, business and art.
The awards ceremony takes place during Chicago’s Annual Black Gay Pride celebrations normally scheduled for the July 4th holiday weekend.    
The Esteem Awards event will occur this year at Sidetrack from 1:00-4:00 PM CDT on Saturday July 2, 2011.  
Unfortunately it doesn't look like at this point I'll be able to make it to Chicago in person to accept the award, but I will be compiling a statement thanking them for the honor and crossing my fingers hoping I can be there in person to accept it.
If you wish to attend, the address of Sidetrack is 3349 N. Halsted  St. and there will be a $6 admission to do so.

While garnering awards is not part of the mission here at TransGriot, it sure is nice when the hard work I put in here is recognized and acknowledged.   It's even sweeter when that recognition comes from my own people and the TBLG/SGL community I'm a part of..

Thank you.

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