Monday, June 13, 2011

New Trans Themed Japanese Anime Series Wandering Son

During my time in Da Ville, one of the things I discovered about my roomie Dawn was that she is a huge anime fan.

She got me hooked on one I adore and still spend hours watching called You're Under Arrest, which has a trans cop character by the name of Sgt. Aoi Futaba in it.

Dawn sent me a link a few days ago to another anime from Japanese television called Hourou Musuko or Wandering Son that is creating a buzz among the anime fans in transworld because of the trans theme coursing through it.  

The anime deals with transteens grappling not only with the issues transsexuality brings on, but issues related to gender identity and puberty as well.    .

It aired twelve episodes from January to April 2011 and is based on a manga written by Takako Shimura that chronicles the story of two characters who meet in fifth grade and become friends.   One is a young natal boy headed in the trans feminine direction named Shuichi Nitori who wants to be a girl.   His friend Yoshino Takatsuki is headed in the trans masculine direction as a natal girl who wants to be a boy.

Here's a fan subbed and dubbed trailer for Wandering Son..

Based on the descriptions, am definitely interested in watching it here at this website and seeing just how accurately the trans theme is depicted in the Wandering Son characters.

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