Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Equality' Has Come To New York- Really?

Really?   Since when?   Feels more like the same old inequality we deal with every day to us.

If you talk to most New York based transpersons they sure aren't feeling equal.   They're frustrated and angry.  They are feeling more like they got screwed once again because of the failure of GENDA to pass and yes, the past Gay, Inc history of throwing us under the bus or using us as legislative bargaining chips to get what you want is feeding into this sentiment.  

Vocalizing those thoughts doesn't make me or any other trans person  'jealous', 'whiners', 'haters' or 'anti-gay' any more than it did anytime the gay community shouted 'crumbs' every time a pro-trans policy came out of the Obama White House.

It's also not 'sour grapes' to talk about the inconvenient (for you) fact that New York transpeople were cut out of SONDA in 2002 by our alleged ESPA and GL allies,  and we are still waiting for you in various areas of this country to keep your word and 'come back' for us.

You GL peeps may be feeling like first class citizens, but we trans peeps aren't feeling the glow of first class citizenship love 

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