Friday, June 24, 2011

HISD Passes Trans Policy Language On Unanimous Votes

The Houston Independent School District is the largest in Texas and the seventh largest in the United States.

Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing the HISD school board vote on a nondiscrimination policy that has gender identity and expression language that covers both students and employees.

I also signed up to speak at the board meeting to thank them and urge passage of the measure, which it did on a 7-0 first reading vote.

The policy will face a final vote in August.

Also up during last night's meeting was a HISD Code of Student Conduct change for the 2011-2012 school year that adds gender identity and expression language.   That also passed on a 7-0 vote and is a done deal.

One of the surprises I got during the meeting besides Trustees Anna Eastman and Juliet Stipeche coming to personally thank me and the other supporters of the issue for coming was finding out HISD Board President Paula Harris knew my best friend in high school who is no longer with us, Joel Anderson.   

I'm so proud as a trans HISD alum this happened.   Thanks to Chris Busby and Jenifer Rene Pool for doing the hard work to make this happen.

Now lest hope the rest of the school districts in the Houston area follow HISD's lead

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