Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Phelps Phamily Coming To Houston August 6-Let's Plan A Phundraiser

According to the Dallas Voice the Westboro Baptist Church has announced they are  coming to H-town to protest Texas Gov. Rick 'Goodhair' Perry’s 'The Response' prayer event at Reliant Stadium on August 6 sponsored by the American Family Association.    

This ought to be interesting.  Two Southern Poverty Law Center certified hate groups squaring off against each other at a GOP political event masquerading as a faith based one.  

They'll also have to perform an exorcism in Reliant Stadium when it's over.

Since we already know that Marge and company are coming down I-35 from Topeka,  I have a suggestion.   Let's do what other areas of the country do when the Phelps Phamily desecrates their city limits:  Use it as an opportunity to fundraise for TBLG causes.

Since we have a couple of months, let's pick a worthy TBLG organization in town and pledge a certain amount of money for every minute that the Phelpses are in the Houston city limits, inside Harris County or however y'all wanna do it. 

It's not only a fun way to satisfy your urge to do something to protest the Phelps Klan for taking the time out of their busy hatemongering schedule to pay us a visit, it gives us the delicious irony of using their appearance in our beloved city as a way to fundraise for organizations in the TBLG community.  

It's also potentially lucrative.  When the Phelps Klan showed up in Dallas last summer to picket the Resource Center Dallas, they raised $11,000     

So H-town, I know we can do better than Little D.  Let's get busy so we can give the Phelpses a warm welcome and raise tons of money for local BTLG causes in the process.

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