Saturday, June 25, 2011

Technical Difficulties

TransGriot Readers, if you were expecting your usual posts and features that you love coming here for, had multiple problems that prevented me from posting yesterday. 

I had a connection issue that didn't get resolved until today.   To add to my Internet woes, wasn't feeling well and I spent most of the day in bed getting over whatever bug waylaid me in the first place.

To add to my pissivity over my connection issue and grumpiness about being sick, kept getting calls from some telemarketer just as I was on the doorstep of nodding off to dreamland

I'm starting to feel a little more alive and in a better mood than I was yesterday, so I'll probably finish and put the posts up that I was planning to do on Friday.

Thanks for the concern and love y'all showed me, it's always appreciated.

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