Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now I Understand Why 'Paula Brooks' Was Tripping

I've been following the cacastorm brewing in the Gayosphere about the LezGetReal blog and its editor Paula Brooks being revealed as a 58 year old straight white male named Bill Graber from Dayton, OH.

The only time I crossed swords with 'Paula Brooks' was back during the US Senate special election last year in Massachusetts between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley.   A post was written in which 'she' advised voters in the state to sit out that election that I lambasted 'her' on.

Are you fracking crazy? It is never a smart play for a minority group to sit out an election.

I don't care how mad or upset you get with the party hierarchy, or couch your displeasure with 'tough love' rhetoric, you're not 'punishing them' by sitting out the election, you're punishing yourselves.

So when this news broke, decided just for grins to see if I'd written anything pro or con on TransGriot concerning 'Paula Brooks' and found that post.

Upon further review, I now understand why 'Paula Brooks' was tripping.

Far from helping the GL community and the Gayosphere as Graber claimed was the motivation for founding LezGetReal, it's harmed the credibility of the bloggers representing and speaking for it.

In hindsight, should have suspected it after that episode, but 'hate on Obama and the Democrats' rhetoric was prevalent in the white gay community at the time.  LezGetReal wasn't one of the blogs I read on a regular basis to be able to compare and contrast it to other lesbian oriented blogs and detect something out of kilter.

I say that because I've had regular experience since I first started venturing into online conversations back in the late 90's ferreting out fake Black people and fake Democrats.  One of the things we constantly battle in Afrosphere blog comment threads and our discussion sites is white peeps trying to pass themselves off as African Americans.  

For the most part they stick out like sore thumbs because they quickly start drifting into stereotypes and vanilla flavored conservaspeak.

When they do that, it sets off the alarm klaxons since we already know that less than 10 percent of our peeps support the GOP but they don't.   After we start peppering them with questions that only African Americans immersed in our culture would know, they trip themselves up rather quickly

But one of the conversations they're having at Netroots Nation right now amongst the Gayosphere bloggers there is this situation, and no thanks to Graber, it's a travesty they are.

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