Saturday, June 04, 2011

TWAATs-Transsexuals Who Are Ashamed Of Transsexuals

I've talked about the self hating element of the trans community from time to time.   Y'all also know I have much love and respect for Calpernia Addams as well and what she has and continues to accomplish on behalf of this community.    She's also a no BS kind of girl too which I love.

So you know when I read this post on her blog I had to share it with you loyal TransGriot readers that talks about transsexuals who are ashamed of other transsexuals. 

I am simply living my life with a selective openness about my history. While my soul has always been female, it is simply a lie to say that I did not have to go through some major struggles to attain the physical body and social situation of a woman. I’m just tired of lying about my history. I do not feel that saying “I am a woman” is a lie. But saying or implying that “I never transitioned. I have always lived in the female social role, in a female body” is a lie to me. You may somehow feel differently, but this is how I feel.

I’m not thrilled about having had to transition. I still roll my eyes when people use my old name or photos to chip away at this true version of myself that you see now, finally achieved after so many years of struggle. I never plan to revel in the more hurtful details of my history wherein I struggled within the constraints of living in the wrong body and social role. But I won’t build my life around a lie that says those moments never happened.

I offer the radical idea that I can be both honest about my past and still claim full womanhood. In the minds of many older trans people and conservatives, a history of transition disproves their womanhood so they lie about this history to everyone in their lives.

Surf on over to Calpernia's blog and read the rest of it via this link..

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