Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Trans History Moment-The First Trans Prom Queen

Was spending a little time on Twitter earlier today when an erroneous tweet popped up stating that Andii Viveros was the first ever trans prom queen.

That's true if you add the words 'in Florida' to that statement.

Stating that Viveros is the first trans prom queen is incorrect.   The first open trans prom queen ever in the United States was Crystal Vera of Fresno, CA.

She was elected the prom queen of Roosevelt High School  in May 2007 in the wake of transman Toby Covarrubias failed attempt to be elected prom king at Fresno High School just weeks earlier.

Andii Viveros is the second trans prom queen historically but the first in the state of Florida.

And since I mentioned it, as of yet we haven't had the first election of an open trans prom king.  Toby Covarrubias is the first open transman we are aware of attempting to do so.

TransGriot Note: Crystal is in the pink dress on the right in the photo

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