Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vandalized UK National Trans Memorial Restored

The National Transgender Memorial was vandalised in August last year.We have some good news coming from across The Pond concerning the UK's National Transgender Memorial.    

Back during the UK's Sparkle Weekend last year, what is believed to be the world's first memorial built to commemorate the persons lost to anti-trans hate violence was dedicated in Manchester's Sackville Gardens.   But because some idiots didn't want the trans community to have nice things, the memorial was vandalized mere days after its dedication on or around August 6. 

Tony Cooper, Chair of The Friends of Sackville Gardens, said: “We worked closely with the Trans community to create a lasting memorial to those who have died because of prejudice and hate, and to then see that memorial vandalized within days was a true reflection of what many Trans people have to go through in daily life.

The vandals who desecrated the memorial haven't been brought to justice yet, but thanks to a police donation and SOCA funding secured by the City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT)., the damaged plaques were restored in advance of the 2014 edition of Sparkle Weekend, the national transgender celebration in the UK.  

The nearby Manchester College in addition to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation helped pay for lighting to illuminate the memorial and that section of the park to help reduce crime in the area. 

Glad to hear that the memorial has been restored and will be looking good when Sparkle Weekend happens.  Thanks to all the people who pulled together to make that a reality. 

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