Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming TLC Transgender Leadership Summit

webuttonContrary to what that graphic says, unless a miracle happens, I will be in Harris County when this event kicks off.   But that doesn't stop me from making you Left Coasters aware of it.   

For you folks on the Left Coast, if the weekend of April 11-13 is open on your calendar, you may wish to head down to the CSU-Northridge campus for the Transgender Leadership Summit

It's sponsored by the Transgender Law Center and is a leadership conference designed to build the foundation for community members to take action for trans* equality and justice through informative workshops ranging in topics from legal, health care, organizational development and much more

And you get to meet some cool people doing the work at the same time.

This year there will be a first ever preconference institute for trans and gender non conforming people of color on Friday April 11 from 9 AM-4 PM PDT entitled Our Intersecting Identities and Building A Movement Of Justice.

The institute seeks to broaden and build awareness of the issues POC communities face and discuss strategies and solutions toward building a broader movement that centers those experiences. 

So if you're interested in attending, you can click on this link for further information or to register for #TLS14.

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