Monday, March 10, 2014

It's New York Times Bestselling Author Janet Mock's Birthday!

File:Janet Mock Head Shot.pngTime for a TransGriot shoutout to my  little sis in Janet Mock, and as you can tell by the title a lot has changed since I gave my sis her last birthday shoutout

Since then she has released Redefining Realness, she's on a SRO book tour, and has done a lot of media interviews in support of it.   Some have gone well while one didn't.

But through it all Janet still manages to represent herself #Girlslikeus and #TWOC in all our fabulous complexity. 

Happy birthday sis!  May you continue to have much success with this book that is not only timely, but is jump starting family conversations about trans issues. 

May the abundant blessings continue to flow your way.   May you experience on your special day smiles as wide as Texas, lots of love and laughter, and may you have many more birthdays to enjoy and experience.

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