Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Julie Burchill Is Hatin' Again.

Julie Burchill made the comments below a Vice Magazine articleThere are just times when you just have to call somebody's azz out, and this is one of those times.

Got a little concerned when the TERF's got quiet for a minute and weren't engaged in their usual transphobic hate rants.  But like the conservative movement and the GOP here in the States, you can always count on them to show their asses sooner or later.

The latest eruption of TERF transphobic bigotry came from across The Pond. in Great Britain.

Julie Burchill opened mouth and inserted her foot in it when she said in reaction to a Paris Lees article that 'Transwomen are just big white blokes who have cut their cocks off.'.

That's mighty white of you Julie.  And TERF's like you are just vanillacentric privileged white women pissed off they weren't born conservative white men.   Because you and you fellow TERF's have a lot in common with them and our Republicans..  You all love to gleefully engage in oppressing and denigrating others.  

Burchill has a long deplorable history of anti-trans hate screeds our British trans cousins have called her butt out on and engaged in a lot of activism on their side of The Pond to combat.

But when Burchill once again attacked Lees and by extension the British trans community, she tried to have it both ways.  She tried to simultaneously cry White Women's Tears and bemoan the world of retaliatory hurt that was going to come her way in response to her transphobia by trying to claim she's a 'victim' of trans women 'bullying her.'  

Yeah, right.  Your jealous, pathetic behind needs to have a makeover, several sections of Wembley Stadium seats and a nice tall Earl Grey tea flavored mug of STFU.   

And I'll repeat what I said last January in response to Suzanne Moore's racist and transphobic comment. 
As an African-American transwoman, I'm beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of your racist and transphobic hate speech that is stoking the white hot flames of anti-trans bigotry and discrimination.  It is not only getting transwomen of all ethnic backgrounds killed, but disproportionately ones that share my ethnic heritage.

If you and your TERF buddies don't want to get called out for saying transphobic crap, then don't say transphobic crap in the first place, because we trans women, and especially transwomen of color have zero tolerance for your mean girl schtick.    But Burchill and friends keep on doing it, and that's why she's considered a transphobic mean girl in Great Britain whose 15 minutes of fame is long since over. 

Her screed not only denies the existence of trans women (as usual) she took it to another level and erased the existence of trans women of color.  

So naw, I don't give a rat's anus about Burchill's delicate, precious nerves because if she's woman enough to say transphobic shyt and write in her multiple failed columns, then she needs to pull up the big girl panties, stop crying White Women's Tears and deal with the justified retaliatory fire that will swiftly and surely come from us calling her azz out for saying her transphobic shyt.

New century, new decade, new rules.    In case you haven't noticed, this ain't the 1970's and 80's where you TERF mean girls could say transphobic crap with impunity, write books, transphobic columns, do lecture tours and go cackling off to your corners unchallenged.

Now your asses get called out by us and our allies and you don't like it.   Too damned bad.  

As we say on my side of The Pond, don't start none, won't be none.

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Unknown said...

More than anything Julie Burchill embarrassed her self, she is mostly crying because she is a failed mother, failed writer & failed journalist. She really hasn't got a lot going for her