Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trans*H4CK Pre Hackathon Workshop Today

Trans* H4CK Pre-Hackathon Workshop
Trans*H4CK and its founder Dr. Kortney R.Ziegler are in Chitown for the unveiling weekend of the Trans 100, and later tonight as a prelude to the Trans H4CKing that will be getting started in earnest tomorrow, there will be a Pre-Hackathon Workshop taking place from 5:30-8:30 PM CDT.

So what will you see if you go to the Pre-Hackathon workshop at Dev Bootcamp?

First up is you'll get to hear the Trans*H4CK founder, Dr. Kortney Ziegler, share some of his story and discuss the importance of transgender advocacy, technology and collaboration.

5:30pm - Kortney Ziegler gives a talk
6:15pm - Q&A with Kortney
6:30pm - Pre-hackathon Workshop

The Trans*H4CK Pre-Hackathon Workshop will include an overview of the weekend, as well as mini-workshops on tools and resources to help you build amazing and meaningful application prototypes.  Possible topics to be covered include:
  • What is a “web app”?
  • Intro to Design (HTML/CSS)
  • Intro to Programming (Ruby, Python, Javascript, etc)
  • Development environments (editors, testing, repositories, etc)
And no, you don't need to know how to code to participate in Trans*H4CK.  You may have expertise in other areas such as business, law, a subject matter expert that is critical to provide content to produce a successful app.    You may be a great writer, have business and marketing experience, et cetera.

It's a collaborative effort and fascinating to watch it come together.     

If you're in the Chicagoland area and you're interested, you may wish to head to 351 W. Hubbard St. Suite 700 and check out the fascinating Trans* H4CK happenings

The workshop happens tonight, the actual Trans*H4CKing tomorrow.

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