Friday, March 14, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Happy 40th Birthday Grace Park Edition

Today is the milestone birthday of actress Grace Park, who was born in Los Angeles in 1974, and raised in Vancouver after she and her family moved to Canada when she was 22 months old. 

She is currently on the reimagined edition of Hawaii Five-0 as Officer Kono Kalakaua. 

But what many Battlestar Galactica fans already know she was Cylon Model Number Eight, AKA Sharon 'Boomer Valerii and Sharon Athena Agathon. 

So happy milestone birthday, Grace!

We'll segue from giving birthday shoutouts to handing our usual Friday 'bidness' here at TransGriot, which is calling out this weeks bumper crop of fools.

Honorable mention number one is a local fool in HISD superintendent Dr. Terry Grier.  In the wake of a highly contentious board meeting yesterday that in large part was stoked by the serial school killer proposing another round of closings that landed squarely on the Houston Black community, said this in a press release.

"School closure discussions are never easy.  However, we must continue to have constructive conversations on the issue of school size and school efficiency. Not to do so could be harmful to our communities and the students that reside in them. The goal remains creating better, stronger schools."

When all the school closure are only affecting one community, you're closing them regardless of performance and refusing to listen to the affected community calling that a 'constructive conversation', that's a problem. 

Honorable mention number two is another Texas fool in Mario Gomez.   He's the promoter of a Selena tribute event in Corpus Christi who unleashed his transphobia and told #girllikeus Selena illusionist she wasn't welcome at his event, then tred to backtrack and claim he wasn't a 'phobe when the swift bacjklash rained down upon him. 

Um, yeah Mario, when you tell a transwoman she isn't welcome at your event despite performing at it for three years, threaten her with arrest from the po-po's if she shows up and add at the end of the foul text you sent her  'nobody wants to see a male person dress up like a girl', you ARE a transphobe.

Honorable mention number three we go to the other end of I-10 for in Teapublican Arizona US House candidate Jim Brown, who obviously didn't get the memo about the GOP's minority outreach and made another ridiculous reference trying to equate government safety net programs to slavery.

Republicans, just say no the slavery analogies,.because they have ZERO credibility coming from the ethnic group who owned and brutalized my ancestors for 246 years.

Honorable mention number four New Hampshire Teapublican state rep Kyle Tasker, who was probably asleep when the GOP was having those 'How To Talk To Women' meetings..  Tasker posted a misogynist joke on his Facebook page that makes light of domestic violence.

Yeah GOP, you still are conducting a war on Women, and you'll get punished at the polls for it on November 4.

Honorable mention number five is Dr. Ben Carson.    I used to have much respect for him, but that's gone now after this conservaknee-grow parted his lips in a Breitbart interview to say the 'US is very much like Nazi Germany'

Really?  Your ass is still walking the streets and not in jail after saying such off the wall BS along with all your buddies at FOX Noise.   If you really want to know what living in Nazi Germany was like for a Black man, pick up a copy of the late Hans Massaquoi's Destined To Witness in which the EBONY managing editor tells his story of growing us as a Black child in that European dictatorship.     

I have three words for you to conclude this.  Ihre Reichsausweis, Bitte

That's your papers, please in German. 

Paul Ryan povertyOur Shut Up Fool Winner this week is Eddie Munster, oops Rep. Paul Ryan, one of the Great White Hope Republican Leaders that Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas waxed so poetically aboutt in 2009.  

Ryan in his zeal to prove the GOP does care about the poor, trotted out the racist dog whistles and parted his lips to say that 'inner city men aren't even thinking about work' while citing the work of the racist Charles Murray, then started backpedaling without apologizing for the initial racist comments when he got called out by Rep. Barbara Lee and others in Washington and the African-American community.  

You know, you really need to put down The Bell Curve and join the rest of us in reality based America.  
It is your budget and your party's economic policies that have made it hard on those same 'inner city men' to find good jobs at good wages along with the systemic issues of racism that conservafools like you refuse to acknowledge.    

And yeah, when you have a history of using dog whistle comments in your speeches  and quote the work of a known racist, yeah there's a distinct possibility you will be considered a racist by the people you're discussing in those jacked up comments.  

Rep Paul Ryan, shut up bigot, er fool.   

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