Sunday, March 30, 2014

The 2014 Trans 100: Initial Thoughts

I spent an enjoyable few hours watching the livestream feed of this year's second annual Trans 100 reveal show once again from a sold out Mayne Stage in Chicago.

This year's show opened with performances from 2004 Miss International Queen and Baton Show lounge performer Mimi Marks, Kelly Preston and mistress of ceremonies and 2014 Trans 100 honoree Angelica Ross.

After remarks from Trans 100 co-founder Jen Richards, 2014 Trans 100 honoree Fallon Fox and 2013 Trans 100 honoree Christina Kahrl took the stage to read the first group of 2014 Trans 100 honorees names that included Angelica and Fallon.

2014 Trans 100 honoree Kye Allums then took the stage to deliver his keynote speech, to be followed by 2014 Trans 100 honoree Tiq Milan reading the next group of names that included Kye.

After a break and musical performance, the new feature of the Trans 100 was introduced with 2013 Trans 100 honoree Janet Mock and 2014 Trans 100 honoree Precious Davis giving Gloria Allen the inaugural Trans 100 Living Legend Award.

Geena Rocero then took the stage to read the last group of 2014 Trans 100 honorees before the stage was yielded to 2013 Trans 100 honoree Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler.

Dr KRZ presented the winners of Trans*H4CK Chicago, and they proceeded to describe their winning project for a few moments before Laverne Cox took the stage to deliver her keynote speech.     
The night concluded with a performace from trans rapper KC Ortiz.

So what are my initial thoughts as someone who was named to the inaugural 2013 list? 

First, congratulations to everyone who was named to the 2014 Trans 100 list.   I know how I felt when my name was called last year.  I like the idea of opening it up to choose another 100 people to emphasize the fact we have a hell of a lot of people in our community who are out, proud and doing the work to uplift our community. 

Are there going to be people pissed because they didn't make this year's or the 2013 Trans100 list?  Probably.  

All I have to say is if you didn't make it or you are reading this post and think someone's contributions to your trans community were overlooked, when the nominations open for the 2015 Trans 100 List, nominate the people you think should be on it.because that's what I and other did when the nominations window opened for 2014..   Three of the five people I nominated were eventually selected.    The two I submitted that weren't were international trans persons.

The full list will be released to the rest of the world tomorrow,  but here's some of the people listed who jumped out at me.   My fellow Texans Cristan Williams, Lou Weaver, Tye West and Sharyn Grayson.   Veteran activists Jamison Green, Nancy Nangeroni, Valerie Spencer, Jazz (who also became the youngest Trans100 Honoree with her selection BTW), Kim Watson, Cheryl Courtney-Evans, Dee Dee Chamblee, Nikki 'Tita Aida' Calma, Tracy Garza and Lourdes Hunter.

Sarah McBride, Laura Jane Grace, Rocco 'Katastrophe' Kayiatos and Lana Wachowski made it this year, and so did Maria Roman, Brynn Tannehill, CeCe McDonald, Cherno Biko, Holiday Simmons, Kiara St. James, Bali White, Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, Dr. Ben Barres, Dr Van Bailey, Rev Dr Cameron Partridge, and Rev. Lawrence T Richardson.    
The Men of BTMI also were representing in Sean Coleman, Charley Burton, and Minister Louis Mitchell. 

Tobi Hill-Meyer, Danielle Askini, Morgan Robyn Collado, Trystan Reese, Octavia Hamlett and TPOCC's Parker T. Hurley also were named. 

The Trans 100

The best part of the Trans 100 event is hearing the names of activists we aren't familiar with and getting to know their work because they now have heightened name recognition

Some of my fellow trans Texans I was surprised didn't make it this year were Rev. Carmarian Anderson, Lauryn Farris and Nikki Araguz Loyd.   Rev Anderson is South Regional minister for TransSaints and active in the DFW area.  Lauryn was part of the team that got the non-discrimination ordinance passed in San Antonio, and Nikki had that ground breaking legal win that may have broken the back of Littleton v. Prange.   Tracee McDaniel was another name I was surprised I didn't hear called along with Tona Brown, Monica Stevens, Arianna Lint, and Danielle Castro just to name a few.  

I'll post the full list when it's released tomorrow. 


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