Monday, March 17, 2014

Tona Brown As Principessa

Time for a little culture, TransGriot readers!. 

I mentioned Tona Brown was performing in the DC metro area last weekend in the Puccini one act opera Suor Angelica as Principessa and lamented the fact I couldn't be there to see the performance and support her. 

Well, through the magic of YouTube, now I can, thanks to one of Tona's students who shot the short video from the audience from her cell phone.   Megathanks to her for doing so. 

In this concert version of Suor Angelica, Tona is playing La Principessa, the mean aunt who is asking Angelica on the left to give away her family inheritance so her sister can have a dowry for marriage.  Her character is reminding her how much she has shamed the family name by getting pregnant without marriage. 

Opera, the soaps before TV and the movies.

And now, here's Tona in the role of Principessa.


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