Sunday, March 30, 2014

5.5 Million Hits!

Another day, another milestone here at TransGriot.

Thanks to you loyal readers, I passed the 5.5 million hit milestone at 11:53 PM CDT today.    That's a lot of readers since I reached the 5 million hit milestone back on July 4 of last year..

And how apropos is it that I'm getting my 5.5.millionth visitor on the eve of the Transgender Day of Visibility for a blog that was founded to heighten the visibility of the trans communities of color?

I also get to find out the day before my May 4 birthday whether or not I can call TransGriot a GLAAD Media Award winning blog instead of just a GLAAD Media Award nominated one. 

Thank you once again for surfing by the blog to read my posts, and as long as y'all keep doing so and occasionally drop some change in the Tip Jar if you REALLY like what I do here, I'll keep cranking them out.  

Next stop 6 million hits!

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