Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Koomah And Stephanie Saint Sanchez Present An Evening Of Queer Voices

Later tonight I'm headed to Diverse Works to take part in an event presented by Koomah and Stephanie Saint Sanchez entitled 'An Evening Of Queer Voices'.

It's free and running from 6-8 pm at Diverse Works, which is located in Midtown at 4102 Fannin St, Suite 200 close to the METRORail Red Line's Wheeler Station.

The entrance to Diverse Works is on Cleburne St between Fannin and Main Streets near Sears. 

I'll be part of the program to talk about my writing, blogging and read a couple of my poems.  I'm also looking forward to seeing Koomah and some of the other artists on the program do what they do.

So what's DiverseWorks?   It was founded by artists in 1982 and serves as a forum for issues and works that have no other public outlet in Houston, and plays a similar role nationally.

DiverseWorks provides first-time commissioning opportunities for emerging artists, continued support for innovative mid-career artists, and acts as a launching pad for young artists and arts organizations.

DiverseWorks supports artists and projects that inspire dialogue about contemporary culture among artists, audiences, and the greater community. DiverseWorks is a local and national source for high quality experiential and progressive works of art that compel viewers to broaden their perceptions of what art is and how art can be a critical tool for addressing social, cultural, and aesthetic concerns,

They moved to their current Midtown location in 2012, and while I've passed by it on more than a few occasions while riding up and down the Red Line, this is the first opportunity I'll have to actually see the space. 

It should be a fascinating evening that i'm looking forward to.  Hope to see some of you peeps in the community there.

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