Sunday, March 30, 2014

The 2014 Trans 100 Revealed Tonight

The Trans 100
At the Mayne Stage tonight in Chicago the second annual Trans 100 event hosted by Angelica Ross will take place starting at 7 PM CDT.   There will be keynote speeches by Laverne Cox and Kye Allums for this highly anticipated and sold out event.  

For those of you in the Chicago are who wanted to see it live, you still can, but you'll have to do what the rest of the US and the world is doing.   We'll be watching the live feed of it from 7-9 PM CDT.   

And for you international trans folks, I would love to see see future Trans 100 type events in your various nations, so please get busy forming your international teams so we can see that happen in 2015.

Who will be the 100 trans people that make the 2014 edition of the Trans 100? 

I know who 100 of them WON'T be.   Me and 'errbody' else who made the inaugural 2013 list will not be on this one because the co-founders of the Trans 100 wanted to highlight a new set of out and proud trans folks who are doing the work of the community. 

Looking forward to checking out the live feed later tonight with notepad in hand to write down this year's honorees.. 

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