Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Go The F#&K And Vote!

It's primary election day in the Lone Star State and I'm channeling Samuel L. Jackson this morning to urge you to get your behinds up in a few hours and go vote.

"But it's a primary election." I hear you saying.  Yes, it is.  But it's important because it determines the candidates who you will be voting for on November 4. 

And one I damned sure don't want to see on my ballot in November is that LaRouchite President Obama hatin' electoral troll Kesha Rogers. 

If you're tired of GOP bull feces and want to fire everything with an (R) behind their names, the first steps to doing that is ensuring there are qualified candidates on the ballot to replace the Teapublicans with. 

The first steps to a Blue Texas and ending the unjust Texas GOP dictatorship start today, so get up, go the f#&K and vote.  Handle your electoral business before 7 PM.   For those of you who took advantage of early voting, I thank you for doing so. 

For those of you who waited until today for whatever reason, make sure you do so.  The TransGriot, the community, the state, and the nation thank you for caring enough about your community, your county and our great state of Texas and its future to do your civic duty. 

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