Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trans*cending At Black Girl Dangerous

TransGriot readers, there's another spot you'll get to read my writing besides the home blog. 

As of yesterday, my monthly Trans*cend with Monica Roberts column debuted over at the Black Girl Dangerous.blog.    

I thank BGD founding Editor-in-Chief Mia McKenzie for the invitation and the opportunity to share my writing talents with her readers and I'm looking forward to a long, satisfying and mutually beneficial partnership.

So what will I be writing about at Trans*cend?    Everything, just like I do here.  You'll get the usual tell it like it T-I-S is commentary in the column that you get here on a daily basis at the home blog

And my debut column, 'Springing Forward With Black Girl Dangerous' is up now.   Here's a taste of it. 
This election is critical because your human rights and whether liberal progressive legislation will flow from this currently gridlocked Congress in the next two years depend on you voting. Getting control of your state legislatures from the Teapublicans is a must as well.
You can read the rest of my debut column at Black Girl Dangerous

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