Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Help Jaila's EP Become A Reality

You may remember me talking about Jaila Simms, who was on the reality TV show Making Diddy's Band back in 2009.

So what's Jaila been up to since then? 

Well, Jaila has put together a debut EP entitled 'Best of Both Worlds' with a tentative release date of April 8, but is $600 short so the post production of it can happen.   


She has a Gofundme campaign that is running through March 17 that is trying to raise that post production money for the EP, so let's help a #girllikeus out. 

Every dollar counts, and even if you can only spare a dollar, that's one dollar closer to her goal..  600 people x $1= $600. 300 people x $2 =  $600.  120 people x $5= 600   60 people x $10 = $600

Help Jaila's EP become a reality.

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