Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Help Tona Get To Carnegie Hall

20140326102843-1948211_431387440329938_1542690033_nThere's an old joke that asks the question how do you get to New York's Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice.

Well, our sis Tona Brown has more than put in the practice time and paid her dues to perform there.

Now the founder of the Aida Strings needs an assist from the community to raise the funds for the deposit to make that Carnegie Hall performance she's dreamed about happen.   

Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious venues for classical and popular music artists in the United States.  This summer the historic venue is sponsoring their first ever LGBT Pride music event and invited her to participate.   Tona needs to raise $3,500 to make her part of it happen.

So here's the link to the indiegogo campaign so you can do your part to support a #girllikeus artist and make what promises to be amazing night of musical entertainment happen.   Even $1 will help get her closer to her goal, so please consider doing so.  

I'd love to see her standing on the stage of this historic concert venue that opened over a century ago in 1891 this summer performing, making history once again and representing our community well while doing so. 

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