Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poetic Posts II

From time to time I flex my creative writing side and write short stories or poetry. 

Most of the time I usually write poems when I'm highly pissed off and motivated to write about an issue.  

As I told the DiverseWorks crowd befroe I started reading a few of them last night, there are times when you don't need a 500-800 word essay to let the world know you're pissed off about an issue. 

That poetry I write sometimes finds its way to TransGriot.   This is the initial compilation post for some of my earlier works, and I've written a few more of them since the Poetic Post compilation was added to the blog. 

Here's the link to my next round of recent poems including the one that's gaining legendary status here called 'That Cursed Pipe' that I wrote in less than 20 minutes and performed at a local poetry slam. 

Don't Hate

Bathroom Trans Hate

Shouldn't Need To Show ID To Pee

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