Saturday, April 13, 2013

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 28-Stop Projecting

Been a while since the USS Monica left home port to sail the cyberseas in search of trolls to properly irradiate.  

We have our latest acquired target to have 50 megatons of knowledge dropped on him in this person calling himself 'a white guy'.

He left this one in my spam filter two weeks ago on a July 2010 post I wrote entitled 'Reverse Racism Are White Racist Words'.

Wow,transgriot,you really stereotype whites and don't seem to like them at all.You seem to have a lot of hate in your heart towards whites.Perhaps it is you who is racist.Whites are not the only race capable of being racist.Just look at the more modern day Black Panther party,you can find audio and video of some members in the street screaming about killing white babies.Grow up,quit associating who people are by what race they belong to.Your reply to Neo-prodigy already proves you're prejudice towards whites.You act as if it is somehow unfair to be white,as if whites have some sort of advantage in the world,and if you think that,then you are the definition of "Bigot."

Did you even bother to read that post, or are your reading comprehension skills that putrid? 

I despise whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy and the deleterious effect it has had on my people for over four centuries , so Strike One on that 'Monica is a racist' meme that y'all like to play because you know you're intellectually outgunned and have nothing to refute what I wrote in that post.

And since you missed it the first time in the post let me spell out what white guys like you conveniently want to ignore about racism.

Racism= systemic privilege + societal power.   The only people in American society that have the power to turn their bigoted thoughts into oppressive laws look like you, and the peeps who share your gender ID and ethnic background give me and other oppressed people in this country fresh examples every day to write about.   Strike Two. 

The New Black Panthers (all three of them) aren't even close to having the numbers much less the societal juice to even alter your life in any meaningful way.  They're also regarded as a joke by many people in the African-American community.    Strike Three.

I was forced to grow up a long time ago for my own safety and sanity in terms of coming to the realization that race matters in American society.  I also had to be cognizant of the fact there are elements of your ethnic group that truly can't stand the ground I and other non-white peeps stand and walk on.   It is you who needs to wake up and stop listening to Fox Noise or whatever right wing radio pundit you listen to 24-7-365.  

And dude let me break it down to you.  White males like you make up approximately 34% of the 2012 US voting population but hold 359 of the 535 seats (67%) in the 113th Congress. Peeps who look like you make up 93% of the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and 74% of the college and university presidents just for starters. 

And I'll let Neo-Prodigy put you on blast for calling his name in vain. 

Since you hooked on phonics deficient behind missed it the first time in your zeal to try to label me as a 'racist' for speaking the truth and tellin' it like it T-I-S is , here we go again. 

Thanks to unacknowledged white privilege, too many whites either willfully or unwittingly confuse racism with bigotry and prejudice.

Criticism from persons of color calling attention to or talking about the systemic racism they face or the unfairness of the system doesn't add up to 'reverse racism' or the other infuriating conservaterm we hear far too often, 'playing the race card'.

Me telling hard truths about racism in this country and the nekulturny behavior of whites at times that you don't want to hear doesn't mean 'I hate white people', 'have a lot of hate in my heart toward whites' or I'm a 'racist' that you falsely accused me of   The people that have the pleasure of being in my company and have known me for decades know otherwise. 

Go peddle that bull feces to a right wing site who  cares. 

Duck and cover fool, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes. 

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