Sunday, April 07, 2013

Karen Finney's New MSNBC Show Starts April 13

Karen FinneyY'all know how much I love MSNBC political analyst Karen Finney, and was happy to hear that she will be getting her own show on the cable network.

Finney has more than 20 years in national politics includes four presidential campaigns, the Clinton White House, a New York Senate race, and the first African American spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee.

Finney's show will air on the weekends for 4-5 PM and be a lead in to Ed Schultz's show that is moving to weekends from 5-7 PM   

Happy to see this smart,, talented sister get her own show and MSNBC continue to diversify their lineup of pundits on the network, unlike CNN which is going in the opposite vanillacentric direction and getting rid of Roland Martin and Soledad O'Brien.

What I would like to see MSNBC do besides broadcast 24 hours of news and ditch Lockup and Caught on Camera (and I'm surprised they haven't done so already) is give Maria Teresa Kumar or Victoria DeFrancesco Soto their own shows.   MSNBC does seriously need Latin@ commentators on this network, and these two ladies would do a wonderful job.

But anyway, congrats to Karen Finney (who is on my people I'd love to meet list) and have no doubts your new show will be successful when it airs.

TransGriot Update: The debut of Karen Finney's mew MSNBC show has been pushed back

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