Monday, April 15, 2013

Phil Donahue Trans Shows

The Phil Donahue ShowPhil Donahue's talk show based out of Chicago started in 1970 and was the gold standard in that genre for years.  Phil had the number one rated talk show in the 80's and early 90's before Oprah took that title away and his show canceled in 1996. 

He was one of the first talk show hosts to discuss trans issues and for the most part did so without sensationalizing it. 

These shows were a huge assist in terms of me and other trans people during that time trying to gather information on trans issues during the pre-Internet era.   However, watching them with our second decade of the 21st century evolution on these issues and terms we use in the community now can be grating on your nerves at times.

But peeps, this is what we had to work with at the time  .

This show on trans people and their families was broadcast in 1987

One with trans teen Angie Roberts

Phil's 20th anniversary show with clips starting at the :25 mark of transpeople being interviews.

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