Friday, April 05, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-2013 Final Four Weekend Edition

March Madness has on the men's and women's side whittled down the 132 teams that started on the roads to Atlanta and New Orleans to the eight men's and women's schools who survived and advanced to play in the Georgia Dome and the New Orleans Arena for their respective championship tournaments.  But only two teams will depart those cities with the NCAA Championship trophy in hand. 

My 2013 NCAA men's and women's b-ball brackets are trashed just like everyone else's.  I still have Louisville, my lone remaining Final Four team and men's championship pick alive, but that's not the case on the women's side since Baylor was upset by number 5 seed Louisville.   If you thought that Cardinal win was a fluke, two nights later they knocked off the Tennessee Lady Vols to get to the Final Four.

I did get Notre Dame and UConn right and they'll be battling each other again to see who gets to the title game.

Speaking of battle, let's segue into what y'all really came to find out.  Who is going to win this week's Shut Up Fool award?  Let's do this Final Four Style .

From the Hollywood Region comes Tyler Perry.   His latest flick Temptation debuted to reviews so brutal that even Roger Ebert whacked his from his deathbed as to how jacked up it was. 

From the Black Sellout Conservafool Region comes Dr. Ben Carson.  Every time this cookie chomping knee-grow opens his mouth I lose more respect for him.   He's revealed himself to be nothing more than a homophobic bigot cooning it up for the GOP.

From the Lone Star Tea Klux Klan Region is Rep. Louie Gohmert (R)   He continued to widen his front runner status for 2013 Shut Up Fool of the Year by flapping his gums to utter the jaw dropping statement (even for him) that he opposes gun control because it will lead to marriage equality which will lead to bestiality.   Hey peeps I'm not making this up.   And this fool got 71% of the vote in his Tyler are congressional district.

And from the TERF region is Linda Hudson, who let loose with their special brand of batturd crazy anti-trans hatred in the SistersTalkRadio comment threads.  I can think of far better places to watch a concert with far better entertainment lineups than Hart, MI.   I damned sure wouldn't want to be around hate filled bigots like you and your ilk.  Disco acts would be more apropos for MichFest..

Honorable mention is from the Lone Star Tea Klux Klan Region.   It's goes to Ste Rep Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) and the future Tea Klux Klanners in the Texas A&M Student Senate who have been executing a two pronged attack on the GLBT center on the A&M campus an the others in the state .   Zedler's doing it from Austin, and they've been doing their dirt in College Station.   They passed their student fee opt out on 'religious grounds' bill by a 35-28 margin. 

This week Shut Up Fool Winner is Rep Louie Gohmert. over Linda Hudson in a slam dunk.

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