Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tracey, A Young Transkid With A Wonderful Family

I'm happy and have been for years to see young trans kids like Kim Petras (who is now a stunning twentysomething young woman) Jazz and Sadie (who are transteens headed in that direction), Nicole, Bobbi, Coy, and others we may not be aware of yet as a community being able to transition before puberty sets in.

One of the things that made me go hmm is why we haven't seen as yet a young African-descended trans kid or trans teen.  I thought that was odd considering one of the things I know about trans persons of color is that we tend to transition at earlier ages with Janet Mock being a prime example of that.

Well peeps, meet Tracy and her parents Garfield and Michelle.   Thanks to one of my long time readers Dominique Storni she sent me this link to an AM/BC interview with this amazing trans teen and her parents.

Tracy and other kids like her in the Great White North is why activists up there are fighting so hard to get the federal Trans Rights Bill passed and do the same in their various provinces. 

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