Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Making (Negative) Things Happen

Katrina Rose drops more TBLG history and gives us an idea just how much work the Equal Sign Org is going to have to do to expunge the transphobia embedded in its organizational DNA (assuming it actually wants to do so) with this latest ENDAblog 2.0 post entitled 'Making Things Happen'.

Here's a taste of it:

The HRC anti-flag incident occurred less than a week before the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the first legitimate (read: trans-inclusive) state gay rights law.

Heard anything about that from HRC?

Considering that the governor who signed it was a Republican, one might think that HRC would have touted it to the far-flung winds then and now (or does HRC only privilege Republicans over Democrats in New York?). 

Oh, but wait…

Then, as now, it is one of the laws that conclusively disproved the ‘incremental progress is absolutely necessary’ claim that HRC and its defenders not only still mainline themselves but also fraudulently claim to others is not only acceptable but also necessary.

Read Kat's post by clicking on the link.

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